About Nick

West Lafayette City Councilor, District 1

Meet Nick. 👋🏻

Look, that’s me. It’s actually my first city council meeting, almost six years ago. I also do this for a living – that is create the internet. I am a copywriter and web designer that spends entirely too much time thinking about how to communicate with people online. Which is to say neither this site nor this campaign has the grime that comes with paid consultants. 

Long story short, in 2008 when I was a sophomore at Purdue, I was driven into politics by Barack Obama. Well, more so by George W. Bush’s disaster of a presidency – the blood stained soil abroad, bankrupt families at home, and billions in bailouts siphoned to Wall Street.

And so like millions, I went door to door for President Obama –Why?

Because I believe universal, free at point of service, healthcare is a human right. That college should be free and student loans written off. I believe that marijuana should be legal and clemency offered to those caught in the cross fire. I know in my soul that all people are not only due respect, but they are owed our time to be heard. That immigrants are the people who actually make America great. And I believe all workers are fundamentally exploited – that unions are more vital today than ever as we experience an era of endless inequality

So that’s how I found politics. And then Paul Ryan became speaker and I became disillusioned. 

It was only in 2014, when local leaders persuaded me to take a shot at the City Council that my hope once again returned. And on that first day, right up there, I could feel the same sense of possibility and responsibility I remember from election night 2008. 

From there I led a multifront campaign. We’d build thousands of new apartments. We’d eliminate the cap on bars in West Lafayette. We enacted laws that barred the police from cooperating with ICE. The city code was rewritten so you can actually read it, we captured a state house seat, and together in solidarity we’ve said workers still have insufficient power to dictate their own life. 

And that’s why I am running for reelection. Because our work isn’t yet finished. Our work is only starting. 

But please, while you’re here, register to vote. And then actually vote. It’s honestly a lot to ask, too much to ask – but I promise, if you do, I’ll have your back in the era of Trump. 

A Majority At Stake

Today, Democrats enjoy a 5-4 majority on the West Lafayette City Council. And that means everything is on the line this November. We need to turn out like we did in 2018 or we’ll lose control of the city council. 

A Republican win this November would condemn the people of West Lafayette to live under unified Republican control: Trump, the Governor, both branches of the Indiana legislature, down to the Mayor of West Lafayette.

5 Democrats Today.

7 Republicans in 2020.

Elections Have Consequences

Indiana Voter Registration Deadline