Nick DeBoer

West Lafayette City Councilor, District 1

The rent is too damn high and the slumlords aim to keep it that way. We'll fight them so you can spend money on something worthwhile – a prescription, a bar tab, or just save it.

The Rent is Too Damn High

Build More Housing

More student housing means more competition in the housing market means less students in the neighborhoods. It means a sufficiently competitive environment that landlords and developers are now forced to lower rents for the first time in a decade. It is a fight for the working families and students in West Lafayette

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Do You Live In District 1?

District 1 is the area in yellow to the right. It spans most apartments South of State Street, the immediate area around Village Bottle Shop and the movie theater on the levee.

This election matter if you’ve ever had a run in with the police, if you’ve ever thought there should be more bars, if you’ve enjoyed taking a scooter for a spin, and don’t want to live under unified Republican control of government. 

The Party Will Go On

There’s no shortage of people telling you to party safe, use protection, don’t get arrested, etc, ad nauseam.

I’m here to that it’s okay to enjoy your 20s. And that the government will stay away from Breakfast Club, that your weekend party should be rambunctious but safe, and that this is the safest city in Indiana because of our shared trust. West Lafayette exists to get you get home safely. Not ruin your life.

Have fun. Stay safe. Enjoy your stay (or stick around, we’ve got work to do.)

Legalize It.

Speaking of which, under the current administration we’ve halted arrests for general possession. It’s also true that if you drive after smoking, or drinking, you endanger other people and are morally bankrupt. 

But, it’s equally outrageous that anyone gets arrested for smoking at home. In fact, if everyone smoked more and drank less, I am convinced this city would be safer, happier, slightly less productive city. 

I wrote the bill

The Scooters Stayed

I wrote the ordinance that kept Scooters legal in West Lafayette. I’ve been on the front line of preserving Airbnb, and singlehandedly stopped regulations of ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft. 

Our national character comes

From Immigrants

Every immigrant, every human who leaves a land in search of prosperity, security, and hope – those are the people who make us great. West Lafayette is an immigrant city. We’re awash in a rich culture imported from the farthest reaches of earth. It makes our community special, an oasis of ideas, innovation, and grit within a desert of uniformity. That’s why I’ve co-sponsored dozens of ordinances protecting our neighbors from Trump’s deportation brigade. And I’ll continue that fight when I am reelected. 

How do we fix it?

More Democracy

Every minute he sits in the white house, the Republican party is culpable for the moral degradation of our society. We must make structural reforms to enable our democracy to combat the virus of minority rule.

That’s why I support